Homeschooling Big Kids with Little Ones at Home

This photo is brought to you by the Council for Keeping It Real: Homeschool Division. {grin}

When folks ask me how I do school at home with four kids, ages 1 through 8, my simple answer is that I ignore the inevitable messes made by the preschoolers. Oh, and I lock myself in my bedroom with soft music and a bubble bath.

I'm kidding.

So, here are some tips for making homeschooling work with multiple children (without scented soaps and Andrea Bocelli.)

  • Always start with a clean room. Clean the schoolroom the night before.
  • Assign organizational and filing tasks to older kids while setting younger ones up with activities.
  • Make special activity sets and containers of educational goodies for the preschoolers, that come out specifically during school time.
  • Work with one child while another is reading or writing independently.
  • Let the little ones play at a shallow sink full of bubbly water in the bathroom.
  • Make your own connect the dot sheets, depending on how many numbers the toddler knows, and make copies.
  • Schedule snack times, and teach the little ones not to ask until that time.
  • Invest in qualityΒ audio books and music. Audio Bibles for kids are also another room for the little ones.
  • Include the toddlers in chants, phonics, and jingles.
  • Pray with your kids at the start of the day. Let them hear you pray for the right attitude in them and in yourself.

By no means is this a comprehensive list. So much could be said of how the Lord molds and shapes us as parents as we educate our children at home. Please share your tips and insights!