DIY {Paper and Grapevine Wreath}

Inspired by something she saw on etsy, my friend Haley convinced me to join her in a little arts and crafts project last weekend. You know I'm such a fan of DIY Anthropologie copycat and wanna-be projects. Oh, and birds...and twigs...and gray...and cream. At least I'm consistent.


-1 grapevine wreath (around $4) -pages from an old dictionary or book (check thrift shops, around $1) -a few sheets of scrapbooking papers (around .50 a piece) -hot glue gun and glue sticks -package of faux butterflies or birds and nests (check craft stores, around $4) -a sheet or two of craft felt (less than a dollar)

For felt roses:

Cut a circle around 3 or 4 inches in diameter. Cut a spiral into the circle. The tighter the spiral the tighter the rose.

Wind the spiral of felt to look like a rose, gluing edge with hot glue as you go.

Paper flowers:

Using scalloped scissors, cut circles of various diameter. Cut a slit to the center and make a cone. Glue together. Glue stacks of cones together to form paper flowers.

Attach leaves of paper and felt, flowers, and other little critters to the wreath with hot glue.

Voila! You're done...for less than $10!

It's really more suited as an indoor wreath, but if you have a covered porch or storm door, you could welcome your guests with your personal creation!