Welcoming Baby Boy Number 6

With a diaper bag packed and ready to go, I started the first layer of a new painting last Monday, hoping to keep my mind off of the impending due date. We can be so anxious, waiting for what we do not know, when the Lord has us securely in his hands... H-7

My birth story is short and sweet: I had inconsistent, but uncomfortable contractions on Monday night. They stopped and I went to bed. I woke up at 3 am Tuesday morning, unable to sleep through the contactions that were building. As with the other labors, I quickly jumped in the shower and begin timing the contractions. By the time I dry off, I'm convinced it is the real thing, call Grandma and Grandpa to stay with the boys, and we head off to the hospital. There may have been some crazy driving at 3:30 am, as the labor intensified very rapidly. My sweet hubby, who is now well-acquainted with my labor stages (he says I do this thing with my leg when I'm really in pain), grabbed a wheelchair and rushed me up to triage, giving specific directions to the nurses that I have fast labors (which is not equivalent to easy, by the way) and should be checked right away. Thankfully, they listened to him, found me to be 9 cm. dialated, and quickly rushed me to a birthing room. I'm guessing that was around 3:45...and at 4:07, baby Haddon was born, caught and brought into the world, as with his brothers, by a proud dad.



Haddon, named after Charles Haddon Spurgeon. Born 8 lbs. 1 oz., 20 inches long, on April 16, 2013.

Welcoming Baby Boy Number 6 | gracelaced.com



If you follow me on Instagram, you may remember the thoughts and stories behind these photos...

...of doing nothing but enjoying time with my sweet baby, giving thanks for his safe and healthy arrival...



...of a dad who takes his job seriously and finds himself overwhelmed at the privilege of raising six boys...


...of the stress and exhaustion of a busy household of 8, and the joy of mama's milk settling a hungry belly...

IMG_0551 ...of a big brother meeting his baby brother for the first time...


...and being caught chatting it up with the mancub he calls, "the other bookend"...

IMG_0566...and of sleepless nights, recovery difficulties, and quiet moments where thanksgiving overcomes exhaustion...

Welcoming Baby Boy Number 6 | gracelaced.com...And of my dear Mr. Simons, who's a skilled multi-tasker and the most hands-on dad I know.

Welcoming Baby Boy Number 6 | gracelaced.com

We welcome you, sweet Number 6. Your family is not perfect...but God has perfectly placed you with us, and he makes no mistakes. IMG_0575IMG_0570

And, readers and friends...thank you, thank you for rejoicing with us, and for those of you who prayed over us! GraceLaced, though not meant to be my personal family website or journal, has become a joyful marriage of what I'm burdened to write about and who I am personally. I am so honored that you join me here, and that you allow me to share my family's story.

I am an average wife, mom, and Christian. My life is as normal as yours-- there are children fighting, dust collecting, laundry building, and a mama striving through prayer. But for the Grace of God, I would know nothing of joy and satisfaction in the mundane of everyday life or the worship of Christ in the challenges of motherhood. May you only see Jesus here. 



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